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Vaniqa cream (Eflornithine) is a new FDA approved prescription cream applied to the skin for the permanent removal of facial hair. Vaniqa is prescribed for the treatment of unwanted facial hair around the lips and under the chin. Apply Vaniqa to the face and have the permanent removal of Facial hair.

The fragrance-free Vaniqa cream is applied similar to a moisturizing cream twice a day. Vaniqa cream works by actively inhibiting an enzyme locate in the root of the hair follicle, which is responsible for hair growth. The medical breakthrough, Vaniqa cream, is proven to stop and prevent the growth of unwanted facial hair.

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Finally there is a solution for the estimated one in six women who suffer from unwanted facial hair. Many women consider the problem serious enough to warrant bleaching, tweezing, hot wax, electrolysis and even shaving. Vaniqa cream now represents a better treatment option than these traditional hair removal options:
As a physician, I am excited about the potential for this new prescription Vaniqa cream to help women manage unwanted facial hair," said Marty E. Sawaya, M.D., Ph.D, adjunct professor, department of biochemistry and molecular biology, University of Miami, and a dermatologist and clinical research investigator at Aratec Clinics in Ocala, Florida. "Importantly, Vaniqa cream will potentially help millions of woman with this condition to feel less bothered by their facial and the amount of time they spend removing, treat, or concealing the excessive growth."
Vaniqa Cream, 13.9% was developed through a unique partnership between The Gillette Company and the well-respected pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb. The companies formed a unique partnership in 1996 in order to complete development of the hair removal medication. Individuals can now order the FDA approved Vaniqa online via an online consultation buy Vaniqa cream (click here).